Initially called RocketMail, Yahoo launched its email services in the year 1987. During this time the total amount of space given to a user was 4 MB as compared to the 2 MB space that was given in RocketMail. It became 100 MB in the year 2004 and One GB in the year 2005. By the year 2007, Yahoo gave its users unlimited storage space by the year 2007 and from then on users of Yahoo mail never had to worry about deleting mails or less space in their mailboxes.

Various types of Yahoo accounts: Yahoo mail offers three kinds of email accounts.

The first is the free account with which the user gets unlimited storage space, Norton Anti virus scanning of virus, a spam guard, and various folder options which helps in organizing the emails, address book as well as messages up to 10 MB.

The second is Yahoo Mail Plus which costs the user $19.99 per annum. There will not be any graphics, ads and other promotional tag lines. Messages can be up to 20 MB in size.

The third is the Personal Address mail which costs the user $35.00 every year. This account one can have their own domain: This way one can have up to 5 email ids and here also there will not be any ads. You will also have the potential for web hosting and this will help you in creating a professional website in the future.

How to set up a Yahoo account:

Yahoo is one of the longest serving web based email services. It is also known to be extremely reliable. It is very simple and quick to set up an email account with yahoo.

• Open Yahoo mail in the web browser ( login) login
• Click on “sign up’ link that is on the top of the yahoo page
• In the form that opens up fill in all the required details like your name etc.

yahoo mail login
• Select your Yahoo user name and password
• The username should be something that identifies you to the others and not something vague. This is very important or else people who receive your email may ignore it. The username can also contain numbers, letters as well as special characters.
• After selecting the username you should check for its availability. In case it is already taken by another user then, Yahoo would itself give some suggestions which you can use.
• The next step is to select a password for the yahoo login. The password should be of minimum 6 characters. It should be remembered that the letters of the password are case sensitive. You should enter your password again to reconfirm it.
• Next is to enter the security details and also verify the registration
• From the list of security questions given in the drop down one should select one and remember it as well. This is required if by any chance you forget the password of your yahoo mail login. This will help in proving that the yahoo account is indeed yours.
• Type in the answer for the security question in the field given below.
• In the respective fields enter the date of birth, zip code and also the alternate email id.
• The last step is to verify the characters by typing them in the field given and reading the terms and conditions
• Select on “I Agree” and you will get a message your Yahoo email account has been successfully set up. You can start using your Yahoo mail login for sending and receiving mails from now on!!

How to Recover Yahoo Email

Sometimes people tend to forget their email id. Nothing can get more frustrating than this. But, Yahoo email id can be recovered within few minutes.

• In the webs browser open Yahoo homepage
• Click on the sing in link which is at the top of the page
• Next, click on the link that says I cannot access my account
• Then click on I forgot my Yahoo ID and then click next
• Now enter the alternate email id that you gave while creating the yahoo account along with the date of birth, zip code etc. Click on next. In case you did not give the alternate id then answer the security questions which will show up.
• Click on “continue to yahoo’ and you will get a success message. You will get your yahoo login details.

How to Recover a Yahoo Password

Forgetting password has become a common issue these days given the number of online accounts a person has. If you have forgotten your Yahoo mail inbox login then Yahoo helps you retrieve it through very simple steps.

• Open login and click on “I can’t access my account”
• Click on Forgot password and then click on the next button.
• Type your yahoo login id and the security code and then click on next. In case you are not able to read the security puzzle, then you can click on can’t read code and you will be given a new code.
• Next you will be asked to answer the security question. Once you answer them correctly, you will be given the new password to access your yahoo mail login.
• In case you registered your mobile number then you also have the option to ask for the new password to be sent to your mobile. You can use this temporary password to access your yahoo login and immediately change your password.
How to Contact Yahoo Customer Service
Yahoo not just provides email service but also provides messenger which is an interactive chat service, yahoo games and yahoo answers. Yahoo is well supported by a customer service as well. One can contact yahoo customer service through email and through phone as well.
• One can call Yahoo Customer Service on phone by using any of the three numbers: (866) 562-7219, (408) 349-3300 and (408) 349-1572. They can be called from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.
• In case you want to call the Yahoo Corporate, they can be called on (800) 318-0631 and (408) 349-3300 between Mondays to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.
• You can also contact them through the ‘contact us’ form on the yahoo website. Once you send them your query you can expect a response within 24 to 48 hours.